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Bethel Drive-In

36 Bethel Drive

Bethel, Vermont 05032

We have a no refund policy.

We will do our best so you will return.

Tel: 802-728-4012

Email: BethelDriveIn@gmail.com


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Saturday  &  Sunday,   Sept. 23 + 24

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

Third Annual Bethel Drive-In

Flea Market

Here’s a small preview of this

Years Flea Market crafts & items

What some vendors are bringing:

“I have a mixed type of inventory.  I have primitives, old tractor seats, old kitchen ware etc. I have a large butter churn on a frame that I am expecting to bring.  I have glassware both antique and newer, bric a brack.  My husband also has 2 older (circ 1940's 50's hunting rifles, vintage ammo boxes, fishing lures and some odds and ends related to hunting and fishing.”

“I am bringing older tools, farm-tiques, vinyl records,men's books, Craft lace & crafty fabrics, side light windows, estate items. I will fill my small truck and the big one also, maybe some furniture.”

“File cabinet desk, chairs, nick naks, baby stuff.”

“I am bringing Christmas stuff, VW stuff, misc. Books, records, dvd’s, video tapes.”

Wicker baskets, appliances, vases, toys, pictures, games, space heater.”

“I have a drafting table, 1960’s Popcorn machine, antique kerosene heater, corn grinder, and misc.”

“I have Tupperware to sell since I was a rep 2004 to 2006? Will bring that. I have collectible Avon 1876 cape cod collection. Christmas plates. Unused packaged bed spreads. Estate stuff. Antique/vintage furniture,vanity with matching mirror,pictures,lamps,eclectic stuff. Have gained a lot of stuff to sell.”

 “I crochet dishtowels, dishcloths, hats, scarves, baby "sneakers", stuffed animals, blankets, etc. Also make earrings.”